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Economy Initiatives in the TMT Bar Industry
February 2024

Circular economy initiatives in the TMT bar industry: Recycling and resource optimization

The steel sector, which is known as the backbone of contemporary infrastructure, has long been rebuked for its environmental effect. Recognizing the need to handle climate change, has taken a proactive approach to sustainability, amending the rules of TMT bars manufacturers in India. In some regions of the country, the government is strictly planning actions…

TMT bar Prices | Adukia
February 2024

Understanding the fluctuations in TMT bar Prices

Amidst project coordination and material sourcing, one of the questions that often emerges is– “What is the current TMT bar price?” However, the answer to it isn’t a straightforward one, the price of the TMT bar is subject to a multitude of variables, each exerting its influence on the final cost. From geographical disparities to…

Market Insights | Why Adukia Industries is the Contractor's Top Choice
February 2024

Market insight: What makes Adukia Industries the contractor’s choice?

In the dynamic world of creation, wherein energy, durability, and innovation play pivotal roles, Adukia Industries is the leading manufacturer of advanced iron and metallic merchandise. Specializing in current TMT bars, our Ultramax 550d collection has become the contractor’s choice with the willpower to provide progressive products for enterprise development. Adukia Industries has carved a…

Cross-ribbed TMT Bar | Adukia
February 2024

How cross-ribbed TMT bar is beneficial for building construction?

At Adukia Industries, we apprehend the significance of the usage of first rate materials in creation projects. One such material that has received good sized attention within the enterprise is move-ribbed TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars. These bars offer several advantages for building construction, making them an excellent choice for numerous tasks. The maximum benefit…

Soil Testing in Building Construction
January 2024

Why is soil testing important for building construction?

Do you want your construction project to turn out to be like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Guess, nobody wants it either. To save your building from worse fatal dangers, you will have to go through soil testing, after purchasing the piece of land and before starting your construction project on it. In this blog,…

TMT bar vs TOR Steel | Adukia Industries
January 2024

TMT bar vs TOR steel: A comprehensive overview for modern construction

Steel has always played an integral part in several types of construction for decades. Its uniqueness is essential to reinforce the concrete that protects the structure or building from easy wear and tear that takes place due to rust or any natural calamity. For a long time, TOR steel was used broadly, later on with…

TMT Bars vs. Conventional Steel Bars
November 2023

TMT bars vs. Conventional steel bars: Which is better for your construction project?

When it comes to construction projects, knowing which TMT bar is best for house construction is of utmost importance. It is because these primary building materials will determine the overall longevity and integrity of any building. During the process, there is another choice that you must make – to choose conventional steel bars or go…

Strong Presence in East India | Adukia Industries
November 2023

Empowering east India: Adukia Industries’ strong presence in the region

The construction industry of East India is evolving dynamically. To scale up the construction of East India, TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata are putting in all efforts to meet the rising demand for building materials. TMT or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are crucial to support modern construction projects due to their excellent flexibility, durability, and strength….

TMT Bar Manufacturing Process
November 2023

From raw materials to finished product: A detailed look at Adukia Industries’ TMT bar manufacturing process

In the world of construction, the strength, durability, and safety of a building heavily depend on the materials used in construction. One of the materials is TMT bars, or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars have revolutionized the construction industry, becoming a fundamental part of modern buildings and construction. These bars form the base of buildings and…

UltraMax TMT for Sustainable Construction
November 2023

UltraMax TMT for sustainable construction

A step towards sustainability is an ongoing approach taken by businesses across construction industries to minimize environmental impact. Adukia Industries is a leading brand that participates in this ongoing evolution of the building industry that is shifting towards a more sustainable setting. UltraMax TMT is one of the products that reflect their pledge. With the…

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