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Adukia Industries’ journey began in 1971 when its founder, Late Shri Bajarang Lal Adukia, established AIC Casting Pvt. Ltd in Howrah, along with Trading House under AIC Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Today, our headquarters is located at 25, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata, West Bengal (India), and we operate through various units and branches across the state.
Rooted in a solid and transparent family legacy, Adukia Industries is dedicated to building a brighter future. With over 50 years of experience in iron and steel manufacturing, we consistently deliver outstanding products and services for the present and beyond. Our extensive, robust distribution network reaches all the major regions in India.

Boasting an annual production capacity of 1 million tonnes, Adukia Industries offers one of the most diverse product ranges in the industry.

Our group comprises companies such as AIC Casting Pvt. Ltd, RAIC Integrated Sponge and Power Pvt. Ltd, AIC Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd, N.N. Ispat Pvt. Ltd, and Tech AIC DRI Pellets Pvt. Ltd. adhere to international manufacturing standards to provide top-quality products to our global customer base.

Our offerings encompass TMT Bars, Grey and Ductile Iron Castings, Sponge Iron, Ferro Alloys, Pellets, Wire Rods, ERW Pipes, and more.


Delivering Excellence with Unwavering Quality.

Adukia Industries manufacture steel products that are meticulously crafted with a consistent commitment to quality and precise dimensions. Our products are forged to build a stronger nation together.

With a 1 million MTPA combined manufacturing capacity, we manufacture a range of steel products at our advanced manufacturing facility.

Discover our remarkable steel offerings, expertly engineered with a steadfast dedication to quality and precision. Together, we are constructing a stronger world.

Utilizing our combined 1 million MTPA production capacity, our cutting-edge manufacturing facility generates a wide assortment of steel products.

TMT Bar Manufacturers | Ultramax TMT Bar in Kolkata, West Bengal - AIC


Adukia Industries' TMT bars are tough and durable, ideal for constructing buildings, dams, and more. With enhanced strength, elongation, and ductility, they build safer structures with less steel. These bars are heat, earthquake, and corrosion-resistant, offering the best quality for stability and strength.
Sponge Iron | TMT Bars Manufacturers | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries produces high-quality sponge iron that is used for steel production. Our factory has a capacity of producing 1000 MT of sponge iron every day. The features include easy handling, high reducibility and porosity, good permeability, high strength, low heat consumption, high fuel efficiency, smooth flowability, and low carbon and FeO content.
Ferro Alloys | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries produces specialized ferroalloys with low to medium carbon content, which are used as raw materials for steel products. The alloys have distinctive qualities that improve the quality of steel and resistance to corrosion, oxidation, wear, and abrasion.
Pellets | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries produces superior iron pellets that are a substitute for lump ore in producing sponge iron and hot metal. With a rotary kiln and raw material blending, AIC can create various pellet grades.
Wire Rods | TMT Bars Manufacturers - Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries produces stainless wire rods with specific chemistry and mechanical properties, using hot rolling billets on continuous rolling mills, for wire drawing mills worldwide.
HB Wire | TMT Bars Manufacturers - Adukia Industries


HB Wires have low to medium carbon content that makes them more sturdy than pure iron wires and are used in the manufacturing of G.I. wires, weld mesh, welding electrodes, cycle spokes, and nails.
Billets | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries produces billets, used as raw material for manufacturing TMT and structural products, through continuous casting or extrusion. Recognizing the importance of billet quality in determining the overall quality of steel, we ensure premium billet production through stringent testing at every stage of the process.
HR Coils | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries offers customization options on HR Coil, which have high tensile strength and are popularly known as hardened and tempered steel.
ERW Pipes | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries specializes in the production of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes that meet the highest quality standards and are used in construction, plumbing, and oil and gas industries.
AIC Casting | Adukia Industries


Adukia Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality cast iron and ductile iron castings, meeting international standards such as ASTM, DIN, EN and BIS.

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Employee strength

1Million MTPA

Combined Production capacity

45 MW



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NN Ispat - Our Group of Companies | TMT Bars Manufacturers | Adukia Industries

N.N. Ispat Pvt. Ltd.

N.N. Ispat Pvt. Ltd. is a TMT bar manufacturing unit located in Burdwan, West Bengal with a current production capacity of 3,00,000 tons per annum. The plant is currently expanding and will soon have 350 TPD*2 DRI kilns and a 25 MW captive power plant.

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RAIC- Our Group of Companies | TMT Bars Manufacturers | Adukia Industries

RAIC Integrated Sponge & Power Pvt. Ltd.

RAIC Integrated Sponge and Power Pvt. Ltd. is located in Jamuria, West Bengal, with an annual production capacity of 2,20,000 tons of DRI, 3,00,000 tons of TMT bars, and 6,000 tons of ferroalloys.

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AIC Iron - Our Group of Companies | TMT Bars Manufacturers | Adukia Industries

AIC Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd.

AIC Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd., located in Purulia, West Bengal is engaged in the production of mild steel billets, HR coils, and pipes with a capacity of 1,20,000 tons per annum, soon expanding to 1,50,000 tons.

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AIC Casting - Our Group of Companies | TMT Bars Manufacturers | Adukia Industries

AIC Casting Pvt. Ltd.

AIC Casting Pvt. Ltd. has a 20,000 tons per annum production capacity and is currently expanding with the establishment of a new foundry at Foundry Park near Kolkata with a capacity of 36,000 tons per annum.

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Tech AIC DRI Pellets Pvt. Ltd

Tech AIC DRI Pellets Pvt. Ltd., located in Ikrah, West Bengal is engaged in the production of pellets with a capacity of 1,00,000 tons per annum.

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How does Adukia Industries contribute to sustainability?

Adukia industries aims at minimizing their environmental impact. The company implements energy-efficient technologies and regularly invests in modern equipment to reduce energy consumption and emissions. They also have a dedicated team responsible for waste management and ensure the proper disposal of hazardous waste. Additionally, Adukia Industries regularly conducts environmental impact assessments to identify and mitigate any potential negative impacts.

How does Adukia Industries ensure product quality?

Adukia Industries is committed to providing high-quality products through advanced testing, certified materials, employee training, and continuous improvement. The company has invested in modern infrastructure and has a professional management team with extensive industry experience. Known for its legacy of excellence and innovation, Adukia Industries is a trusted name in the steel industry.

What products does Adukia Industries offer?

Adukia Industries is a leading steel manufacturing company that offers a diverse range of products to meet the needs of various industries. The company’s product line includes high-strength TMT bars used in construction, pellets and sponge iron used as raw material in steelmaking, wire rods used in automotive and industrial manufacturing, ferro alloys used to improve steel properties, and billets used to produce other steel products. In addition, the company produces HB wires and ERW Pipes for construction and fencing, and castings for sanitary and engineering applications.

What is the annual production capacity of Adukia Industries?

The annual production capacity of Adukia Industries is 1 million metric tonnes per annum. This means that the company is capable of producing up to 1 million metric tonnes of various products, such as TMT bars, ERW pipes, HR Coils, Billets, and more in a single year. This is a significant production capacity that allows the company to meet the demand for its products and serve a large number of customers in the steel industry.


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