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Adukia Industries is a leading manufacturer of advanced iron and steel products, committed to providing innovative solutions for the construction industry. As a prominent billet manufacturer, we play a crucial role in steel production, which forms the backbone of construction projects across the nation. Recognizing the importance of billet quality in determining the overall quality of steel, we ensure premium billet production through stringent testing at every stage of the process. We offer customised billets for both domestic and international markets, catering to the demands of customers in Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Billets are sections of metal used for rolling into bars, rods, and sections. They are typically cast into rectangular or cross-sectional shapes, making them compatible with secondary processing. Billets are produced through continuous casting, extrusion, or indirect heat treatment, followed by hot rolling of an ingot or bloom. They serve as raw materials for manufacturing TMT bars and structural products used in construction.


Chemical Composition:

Grade/Designation Qualities  IS Spec.
Grade: A S:0.050, max P:0.050, max
Grade: B S:0.045, max P:0.045, max
Grade: C S:0.040, max P:0.040, max IS 2830 : 2012
Design: C20 MMn C:0.17 – 0.23 P:0.60 – 1.00
Design: C18 MMn C:0.15 – 0.21 P:0.60 – 1.00
Design: C15 MMn C:0.12 – 0.18 P:0.60 – 1.00