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AIC Casting

The products manufactured at our production facility meet the standard and quality of our international counterparts. Once you give us information regarding the needs and requirements. Our production has a current capacity of 20,000 tons per year, allowing us to tailor-manufacture your order to your precise specifications.

We follow a strict quality control system and innovative research in the field of iron manufacturing. With the increasing demand for quality in the field of manufacturing, the Adukia Industries has opened three distribution channels for strengthening exports.

To ensure the products reach consumers without being damaged, we pack our casting in wooden crates. The crates are strapped with iron strips. Prior to affixing labels on each crate, we carry out a series of essential steps, including plastic stretch wrapping, container fumigation, and radioactivity testing.

As a prominent exporter, our products are distributed to more than 15 countries worldwide, both through direct and indirect channels. Our global presence includes countries like the USA, Canada, India, South Africa, and the Middle East.

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At Adukia Industries, we take utmost care in packaging our castings to ensure their safe transportation. Our castings are carefully packed in wooden crates that are secured with iron strips for added stability. We then apply plastic stretch wrapping to further protect the crates from moisture and damage. Each crate is labeled for easy identification during transit. Additionally, we conduct fumigation in containers and perform radioactivity tests to meet export standards. Rest assured, our packaging is designed to safeguard the quality and integrity of our products throughout the shipping process.

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AIC Advantage

Sound management at every step

AIC Advantage - Quality-driven production process

Quality-driven production process

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A commitment to consistent quality

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On-time delivery

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State-of-the-art production capabilities

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