Trench Grates

Trench Grates


AIC Casting manufactures cast iron and ductile iron trench grates that consist of parallel crossed bars arranged in a framework. They are commonly used as covers or guards for openings or gullies, preventing access while allowing for communication or ventilation.

Trench grates come in 2 forms-

Gully Gratings: These are used to drain out rain and wastewater from roads and enclosed compounds. The hinges in these gully gratings help fix them tightly and make them easy to pull out for maintenance.

Channel Gratings: Channel grating drainage systems, as the name suggests, are floor drainage systems with channel structures used for the fast flow of surface water. These channels have long lengths and are simple and easy to install.

Trench Grates Square | AIC
Trench Grates Rectangle | AIC

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Product Specifications

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    Grey Iron (ASTM A48) (GG20, GG25) and Ductile Iron (ASTM A536) (GGG 50)

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    150 mm to 600 mm

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    300 mm to 1000 mm

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    Load Rating:

    B125, C250, D400, E600 and F900

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    Painting :

    Black Bitumen and Epoxy

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    Other Features:

    Hinging and bolting provisions available and customized designs available

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