Steel Bars

April 2024

Building India’s Future: Analyzing the Surging Demand Driving the TMT Bar Market Size

India’s construction industry is growing rapidly, and so is the demand for steel bars. If we go by the numbers it is expected to reach a staggering 190 million tonnes by 2030, which is 7% CAGR This surge is mostly driven by the growth in construction and infrastructure sectors which contributes to 60-65% in the…

March 2024

Things to ask your distributors before purchasing TMT bars?

If you are thinking of taking off on a construction project make sure it involves a multitude of decisions and one of the most difficult decisions to make is the selection of the right TMT bars. Choosing TMT bars of the right quality is an important consideration, as the quality of the selected rebars depends…

March 2024

How do TMT bars reinforce concrete?

Today, cities are transforming into smart cities, leading to rapid growth in high-rise construction, wherein the material of choice for crafting the framework of the multi-storey building is the TMT bar. Why? Because TMT bars reinforce concrete. But how do TMT bars do that?? And how does it help in gaining the stability of construction…