TMT Bars for House Construction

February 2024

Market insight: What makes Adukia Industries the contractor’s choice?

In the dynamic world of creation, wherein energy, durability, and innovation play pivotal roles, Adukia Industries is the leading manufacturer of advanced iron and metallic merchandise. Specializing in current TMT bars, our Ultramax 550d collection has become the contractor’s choice with the willpower to provide progressive products for enterprise development. Adukia Industries has carved a…

October 2023

Earthquake-proof your home: The crucial role of TMT bars in ensuring structural integrity

The Indian subcontinent is sitting on a highly seismic Indian tectonic plate, which has some major fault lines. In India, the active thrust faults fall in the foothills of North India and North-East India. Although North East and Northern India are known for receiving high Richter scale seismic vibrations, there are other parts of India…