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Building Earthquake-Proof Homes with TMT Bars
October 2023

Earthquake-proof your home: The crucial role of TMT bars in ensuring structural integrity

The Indian subcontinent is sitting on a highly seismic Indian tectonic plate, which has some major fault lines. In India, the active thrust faults fall in the foothills of North India and North-East India. Although North East and Northern India are known for receiving high Richter scale seismic vibrations, there are other parts of India too which have moderate to low chances of earthquake. As, there is no seismic-free zone, which brings us to the point, when there is no safe zone, it is important to make your building earthquake-resistant.

Contrary to popular belief, earthquake does not kill, but buildings which are not earthquake resistant do! So, can we stay safe and protected during earthquakes? The answer is yes!

After the earthquake at Bhuj, India revised the guidelines of 1962 earthquake-resistant guidelines in 2002 and made the TMT bar a compulsion in building any concrete construction. TMT steel bars have higher resistance to earthquakes than steel bars. As TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) Bars become popular in modern construction, let’s explore how they benefit in achieving structural integrity during an earthquake and which TMT bar is the best for house construction.

Understanding earthquake resistant construction

Earthquakes, with their potential to damage construction, and cause widespread damage, have promoted structural engineers and architects of today to rethink conventional construction methods. The earthquake-resistant model aims to minimise the damage and loss of life during seismic events. This includes developing, planning and implementing strategies that dissipate the energy generated by earthquakes.

Role of TMT bars for house construction in seismic-prone zone

TMT bars, which are widely recognised for their exceptional tensile strength, and impact resistance properties can make strong foundations in a building. Apart from that there are various other benefits of TMT bar in preventing disaster damage due to earthquakes. How?? Let’s understand!

  • Strength and ductility

The thermo-mechanically treated bars are manufactured using thermex technology that imparts excellent strength to them. This allows the TMT bar to withstand the forces exerted by seismic vibration. Along with that, the ductility of the TMT bar makes the building safe during an earthquake— as the bars get deformed without breaking. This ensures that the bars can absorb a significant amount of stress and deformation during an earthquake without failing, thus preventing structural collapse.

  • Flexibility

The TMT bar has high ductility that provides elongation property and adds to one of the highlighting characteristics–flexibility. As the top floors move along the transverse and longitudinal direction, it becomes important for architects and builders to choose a material that is flexible to withstand the move. TMT bars endure such movements without compromising structural integrity. Their flexibility allows them to absorb seismic forces by deforming during an earthquake, thereby redistributing stress and ensuring the structure’s stability.

  • Energy dissipation

TMT bars play a pivotal role in creating an integrated system that absorbs the seismic energy and dissipates it evenly to the overall structure. These bars act as an anchor point to undertake the energy and prevent it from dislocated distribution along the structural component during an earthquake.

  • Improved bonding with concrete

TMT bars have ribbed surfaces that enhance the bonding ability with reinforced concrete along the columns and beams. The bond strength is vital in transferring the load evenly between TMT bars and the concrete. As the weight is evenly distributed along the columns and beams, it results in more resilient and earthquake-resistant structures.

  • High yield strength

At Adukia Industries, the yield strength of Fe 550D is 570N/, this defines the property of the TMT bar up to which it can withstand stress and then turn and take plastic form. As Adukia Industries’ TMT Bar yield strength is high, it can endure significant stress before yielding or deforming. This characteristic enables the structure to withstand the dynamic forces which are generated during the movement of tectonic plates and enhances the ability to recover its original shape after the seismic event.

  • Corrosion resistant

Corrosion plays an important role in weakening the foundation of a structure. The corroded steel won’t be impactful in defying the forces of seismic events, hence compromising the safety of life and property. TMT bars have enhanced anti-corrosion properties, that offers better grip between the concrete and the bars, to keep these structures standing during earthquake.

Which TMT bar is best for house construction?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set some guidelines and has certain specific TMT bar grades that provide flexibility and structural integrity to the structure. One of them is Fe 550D has the right balance of tensile strength, and yield strength making it an appropriate choice for construction in high-risk zones. So, is UltraMax TMT bar the answer for “which is the best choice for house construction?” Let’s find out.

  • Strength to withstand seismic events

Ultramax 550D TMT bar has exceptional strength and ductility. These have better elongation properties compared to traditional bars, which results in safer and more durable construction. With their low carbon content, these bars offer high elasticity and excellent welding capability. Along with that, these have exceptional rebending properties, hence preventing catastrophic events such as the collapsing of structures during seismic events.

  • High ductility

UltraMax TMT bar of Adukia Industries exhibits excellent ductility that gives umpteen flexibility to the structure and helps it sustain the vibrations during the earthquake. The TMT bar grade Fe550 D, in this “Fe” represents the ferrous ore, while the number defines the pressure unit, the bar can handle, and “D” represents ductility. This means the UltraMax TMT bar Fe550D is enamoured to sustain high pressure and load.

  • Corrosion resistant

The UltraMax TMT bar is manufactured using German Thermex technology, which forms a protective layer of scales. This layer prevents the rod from corroding when exposed to moisture and water.

With these features, UltraMax TMT bar Fe500, and Fe550D are the appropriate choice for engineers and architects who are in search of the answer to “Which TMT Bar Is Best for House Construction” to make it earthquake-proof, and durable.


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