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TMT Bars vs. Conventional Steel Bars
November 2023

TMT Bars vs. Conventional Steel Bars: Which Is Better for Your Construction Project?

When it comes to construction projects, knowing which TMT bar is best for house construction is of utmost importance. It is because these primary building materials will determine the overall longevity and integrity of any building. During the process, there is another choice that you must make – to choose conventional steel bars or go…

Strong Presence in East India | Adukia Industries
November 2023

Empowering East India: Adukia Industries’ Strong Presence in the Region

The construction industry of East India is evolving dynamically. To scale up the construction of East India, TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata are putting in all efforts to meet the rising demand for building materials. TMT or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are crucial to support modern construction projects due to their excellent flexibility, durability, and strength….

TMT Bar Manufacturing Process
November 2023

From Raw Materials to Finished Product: A Detailed look at Adukia Industries’ TMT Bar Manufacturing Process

In the world of construction, the strength, durability, and safety of a building heavily depend on the materials used in construction. One of the materials is TMT bars, or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars have revolutionized the construction industry, becoming a fundamental part of modern buildings and construction. These bars form the base of buildings and…

UltraMax TMT for Sustainable Construction
November 2023

UltraMax TMT for Sustainable Construction

A step towards sustainability is an ongoing approach taken by businesses across construction industries to minimize environmental impact. Adukia Industries is a leading brand that participates in this ongoing evolution of the building industry that is shifting towards a more sustainable setting. UltraMax TMT is one of the products that reflect their pledge. With the…

Building Earthquake-Proof Homes with TMT Bars
October 2023

Earthquake-Proof Your Home: The Crucial Role of TMT Bars in Ensuring Structural Integrity

The Indian subcontinent is sitting on a highly seismic Indian tectonic plate, which has some major fault lines. In India, the active thrust faults fall in the foothills of North India and North-East India. Although North East and Northern India are known for receiving high Richter scale seismic vibrations, there are other parts of India…

Best TMT Bar in Bihar and Jharkhand | Adukia
October 2023

How Will the TMT Bar Industry Meet the Rising Demand in East India?

The TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bar industry in India is ready to witness unprecedented growth in the coming years, driven by various infrastructure projects (such as the development of dams, water tanks, railway lines, and bridges), construction activities, and the burgeoning real estate sector. According to a new report on the Indian Steel TMT Bar Market…

TMT Bar Supplier in Assam | Adukia
October 2023

Top TMT Bar Supplier in Assam: Choosing the Best for Your Construction Needs

A large part of Assam is located in the bank of Brahmaputra, and several other tributaries. Along with that Assam is situated on the undulating plain with varying altitudes. Being the gateway to North-East India, Assam, and its city Guwahati are experiencing growth in infrastructure, and various construction projects. While construction in these terrains is…

BIM Can Eliminate Construction Risks | Adukia
October 2023

How BIM Can Eliminate Construction Risks and Ensuring Safety?

BIM which is also known as Building Information Modelling is an intelligent digital representation of planning, designing, building, managing logistics and carrying out the entire process of operations and maintenance. Most architects and engineers have already come across the process of BIM. It is a step forward in technological advancement in construction, that helps in…

TMT Bar Distributorship
August 2023

Your Trusted Partner for Profitable TMT Bar Distributorship

The increasing demand for the construction industry is driving the usage of TMT bars. Be it construction of dams, bridges, flyovers, skyscrapers, or small residential buildings every type of construction uses TMT bars. The accelerated urbanisation and industrialisation in emerging economies have increased the consumption of TMT bars and it is anticipated will increase in…

TMT Bars Manufacturers | Adukia Industries
August 2023

Adukia Industries: Setting Industry Standards as TMT Bars Manufacturers

With the rapid growth of the infrastructure and the construction industry, the demand for high-quality construction materials has never been higher. One of the materials is the TMT bar. Being known as the core of construction, this material is ubiquitous for the construction of flyovers, bridges, high-rise buildings, hydel power plants, industries, and many more….

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