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March 2024

Things to ask your distributors before purchasing TMT bars?

If you are thinking of taking off on a construction project make sure it involves a multitude of decisions and one of the most difficult decisions to make is the selection of the right TMT bars. Choosing TMT bars of the right quality is an important consideration, as the quality of the selected rebars depends directly on the durability and strength of buildings.

The unique properties of TMT bars forge a strong bond with concrete. As the renowned face of Adukia Industries, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when we talk about construction materials. In this blog, we will dig deeper to help you navigate the purchase journey and question which you must ask your distributor.  Some of the questions are related to authorization, sources, test certificates, grades, corrosion resistance, technical support, supply chain, delivery timeline, warranty, pricing and case studies. The reason behind providing this blog is to ensure your construction endeavours are built on a foundation of excellence. Let’s get into the blog, real quick!

Questions to ask your TMT bar manufacturer

This section is for you to go through the questions along with why you are asking them and what can help in choosing TMT bars.

Is your TMT bar distributor authorised?

The authenticity of the TMT bar distributorship is essential to credibility and trust. It is important to make sure that the distributor you are thinking of has the official authorization to distribute TMT bars. For this, you can check their registration details or their license number to know whether they are authentic or not. At Adukia Industries, we take a lot of pride in our authorised distributors, they play a crucial role in ensuring that our TMT bars are of top quality and reach construction projects reliably and accurately.

What is the manufacturing process of the TMT bars?

The manufacturing process of the TMT bars plays an important role in ensuring the durability and longevity of your construction project. As a buyer, you must ask the distributor about the technology that is used in the manufacturing process of TMT bars. At Adukia Industries, we offer our customers the UltraMax TMT bar which is manufactured using state-of-the-art German Technology Thermax. This modern cutting-edge technology is known for its heating and cooling process during the manufacturing of TMT bars. The use of this technology leads to the manufacturing of TMT bars with a softer core inside and a harder exterior on the outside. Hence, making the TMT bars highly flexible and building shock-absorbing quality in the bars.

Can you provide test certificates for the TMT bars?

Certificates from industry and renowned institutions are the hallmark that the manufacturer is meeting the established quality standards.  Quality assurance is essential when it comes to construction materials. Therefore, it’s crucial to ask your distributor for test certificates that the manufacturer can provide.

At Adukia, we uphold the commitment to excellence and we are precisely committed to transparency. Our TMT bars meet the industry standard set by national and international institutions while offering comprehensive test certificates for our TMT bars ensuring you have complete confidence in the quality of the bars you are using for your construction projects.

What are the grades of TMT bars you offer?

Various construction projects may need TMT bars of varying grades. You should consider the grades of TMT bars that are available with the distributor. Adukia Industries provides a wide array of TMT bars that are made to reach the diverse requirements of construction projects, from high-rise buildings to residential ones. Our TMT bar distributors can easily guide you through the selection of a proper grade for your specific application. Therefore, before buying the bars make sure the grades are already known to you.

Is It corrosion resistant?

One of the main reasons why builders have switched to TMT bars from traditional steel bars is the corrosion resistance. Corrosion is a common headache in construction, especially in environments that have high humidity or exposure towards corrosive elements. It is important to discuss the corrosion resistance of the TMT bars with your distributor. Adukia Industries’ TMT bars are designed to resist corrosion and ensure the structural integrity and durability of your construction forecast.

What are the customer service options after the sale of the TMT bars?

After the sale, one of the main concerns of a customer is to get proper customer support. Be it delivery timelines, or just getting the wrong product, a quick reach out to the concerned can help in solving the query. Ask your distributor about the customer support service of the manufacturer.

In quality customer support and after sales, Adukia Industries excels! Purchasing from our authentic distributor helps you get the right sales support. You can reach our product helpline for any queries or discussions regarding the TMT bars. In addition, our customer service team is available through email at, offering a suitable communication solution. In case of in-person support, we provide service centres that are located around different locations, ready to give you solutions you may encounter. You can also easily connect with us on social media for any new updates while leaving a message for assistance. Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the sale while making sure of a smooth experience with our TMT bars.

What is the delivery timeline and supply chain?

To keep your construction project on track and not miss the delivery deadline, it is important to maintain supply chain management and timely delivery. Ask your TMT bar distributors about the manufacturer’s expected delivery date and supply chain capabilities. We, at Adukia Industries, have our production capacity from the site that makes sure of on-time delivery for the project’s requirements that you need for your project schedule.

TMT bar distributorship and TMT bar manufacturers: The right choice

In the kingdom of construction, the bond between a distributor and a TMT bar manufacturer is cooperative. Based on the reputation of Adukia Industries we are proud enough to emphasize the importance of selecting the right distributor for our top-notch quality of TMT bars. Whether you are a contractor, builder or developer making knowledgeable decisions about TMT bars is important to the longevity of your construction attempt.


We are at the end of the blog, and by now you have understood that by asking the right questions you can get your hands on the right TMT bar distributors who respect your values and requirements. Being the leading TMT bar manufacturer it is our job to educate you on what to ask your TMT distributor to maintain your building’s integrity and let Adukia Industries become your trusted partner in building a generation of durability and strength.


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