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UltraMax TMT Bars | Adukia Industries
August 2023

Maximizing safety and durability with Adukia Industries’ UltraMax TMT bars

The choice of construction material plays a crucial role in determining the structural integrity and resilience of any building. One of the materials that adds structural strength to construction is the TMT bar. They are widely known for their ability to withstand natural disasters and other susceptible calamities. As the urban landscape is experiencing rapid development in construction with high-rise buildings, bridges, and flyovers, contractors and builders are concerned about the quality of TMT materials which are not so vulnerable to disasters.

Adukia Industries UltraMax TMT bars are the answer to raising concerns about finding suitable quality materials for construction. Our UltraMax Fe 550D TMT bars are manufactured using state-of-the-art Thermex Technology. Let’s delve into the world of UltraMax TMT bars and understand how they are maximising safety and durability in modern construction.

What are UltraMax 550D TMT bars?

Thermo Mechanical Treated bars, also known as TMT bar is available in various grades and thicknesses. The grade and thickness define its strength, impact resistance, yield strength, and other properties such as ductility and weldability.

Fe 550D UltraMax TMT bar is a premium quality bar that signifies the utmost strength and durability. In Fe550D, the term “Fe” denotes Ferrouos, i.e. Iron, while the “550D” label denotes the minimum yield strength, which is an impressive 550 megapascals (MPa). These bars are known for their outstanding properties, including high tensile strength, ductility, and weldability. Our UltraMax TMT bar is our commitment to innovation and excellence. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these bars are the backbone of modern construction projects. By utilising the German Thermex Technology, we manufacture 8mm to 32mm TMT bars.

The power of thermex technology

The key differentiator of UltraMax TMT bars lies in the advanced Thermex Technology employed in their manufacturing process. Thermex Technology is a specialized quenching and tempering process that imparts exceptional strength and toughness to the steel. Here’s how it works:

Quenching: After the hot-rolling process, the TMT bars are rapidly cooled using a water spray system. This results in the formation of a hardened outer layer, known as the martensite layer, which provides robustness to the bars.

Tempering: The bars are then exposed to controlled heat treatment, which facilitates the transformation of the inner core into a structure called tempered martensite. This process ensures the bars remain ductile and flexible, even after attaining high strength.

The combination of a strong outer layer and a ductile inner core makes UltraMax TMT bars the ideal choice for construction projects that require superior load-bearing capacity and resistance to seismic forces.

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Advantages of UltraMax Fe 550D TMT bars

Unmatched strength

With a minimum yield strength of 550 MPa, UltraMax TMT bars offer exceptional load-carrying capacity, making them suitable for high-rise buildings, bridges, and critical infrastructure. Additionally, the utilization of the right percentage of carbon, makes it incredibly robust and can withstand bending and rebending.

Flexibility and Bend-ability

When it comes to the construction of high-end infrastructural projects, the flexibility and bendability of the TMT bars define the ease of shaping the structures. Not only that, flexible TMT bars can retain load and impact stress along with absorbing external force during natural disasters such as earthquakes. Its extra elongation property adds to its ultimate flexibility and bend-ability, hence allowing contractors and architects to build a safer construction.

Earthquake resistance

As per India’s seismic zoning map, 59% of the land mass in India is prone to earthquakes. This is why, it is important to take steel bars into consideration whether or not they can resist the impact of low to moderate seismic waves. The unique combination of hardness and ductility provided by Thermex Technology enables the bars to absorb and dissipate seismic energy, significantly enhancing the earthquake resistance of structures. Additionally, the Fe 550D rebars have a cross-ribbed design, that ensures the RCC gels up well with concrete and concrete tightly bonds with the RCC frame. This mutual adhesiveness ensures the stability of the structure during an earthquake.

Thermal endurance

The thermal endurance property of UltraMax TMT bars ensures safety in fire breakouts. Fire safety of any structure is of primary concern for engineers and residents. Steel bars can withstand temperatures ranging from 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. This ensures to maintain building’s structural integrity during a fire mishap. Choosing of TMT bar from Adukia Industries enables decision-makers to get a fire-safety certificate for buildings easily.


A TMT bar of Fe 550D requires 17-20% less steel, making it a cost-effective choice for contractors. Besides the low amount of raw material in manufacturing, these rebars are lightweight and highly flexible, hence lowering transportation and storage costs. The cost of the TMT bars depends on it’s dimensions and features, make sure to choose the one that meets the requirements of your project. At Adukia Industries, we have TMT bars ranging from 5.5mm to 32mm.


Adukia Industries’ UltraMax Fe 550D TMT bars, produced using Thermex Technology, have set a new standard in the construction industry. By prioritizing safety, durability, and innovation, Adukia Industries continues to redefine the possibilities for modern construction materials.

Whether it’s erecting tall skyscrapers, building bridges, or creating robust infrastructure, UltraMax TMT bars provide the ultimate solution for engineers, architects, and builders who seek top-notch materials that can withstand the test of time.

With Adukia Industries at the forefront of steel manufacturing, backed by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, the future of construction looks stronger and safer than ever before.


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