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TMT Steel Bar Pricing | Adukia Industries
May 2024

How pricing of TMT Steel Bars affect small construction businesses and contractors

When you are in the business of constructing buildings, buying various materials like for example, TMT Bars at a reasonable price is extremely important. The sustainability of the construction must be your prime priority and thus you need the best quality TMT bar in the market. We know that the fluctuating prices of different materials can affect the prices of TMT bars. Rising prices of materials in India can affect cash flow in construction work as well as estimation for the project. Therefore making a profit from a contract can be extremely difficult. Thus, you need a TMT bar brand that gives you the best value for money without compromising quality. Therefore, we are dedicating this article to exploring how pricing fluctuations can affect your business and in what ways you can do a good job of combating it.

How does unpredictable pricing of TMT Steel Bar affect your business?

For small construction businesses and contractors, it is necessary to have a fixed budget for the material you are going to use. In case, if you happen to be a small contractor and are aiming to make State-of-the-Art work to grow your business to the next level, you have to use good materials to make it work. Thus, pricing plays a crucial role here.

Go through these points below to understand how the pricing of TMT Bars can affect your construction work:

  • Increased Material Costs: An increase in the price of TMT steel bars results in increased material costs for construction projects. Since small companies are equipped with limited resources, these swings may reduce the profit margins.
  • Cash Flow Challenges: Unexpected cash flow deficiencies may put small contractors in a difficult financial position. Inconsistent revenue streams are common issues that small businesses and contractors have to deal with. On top of this present problem, if the pricing of these TMT Bars increases, then daily operations become more difficult.
  • Project Estimation: Small firms find it challenging to precisely estimate project expenses during bidding due to unpredictable pricing. Overestimating steel costs could reduce bidder competition while underestimating them could lead to project losses.

Reasons to opt for Adukia Industries’ UltraMax TMT Bars

Adukia Industries’ UltraMax TMT Bars are the best in class as we incorporate modern advancements into them while keeping the prices within a reasonable range. Read below to know why our TMT Bars are making construction projects safer, more profitable and smoother for small businesses and contractors not just in eastern India but across the whole country:

  • Strength: UltraMax TMT bars established as the best TMT bar in Assam, West Bengal & Bihar, are renowned for their excellent strength, durability, ductility, elasticity, and welding qualities. This helps improve the structural integrity and longevity of the concerned piece of architecture. Thus, as a small business or contractor, if you deploy our TMT bars to complete projects, this will make that construction work incredibly successful and help your business garner a solid reputation. This, in turn, will enable you to build up profits and sign up for large-scale projects in the future.
  • Earthquake resistance: Equipped with enhanced strength, elongation, and ductility, our UltraMax TMT Bars are even preferred as the first choice in areas that are prone to seismic occurrences. Thus, as a business owner or contractor, we give you the green signal to sign up for projects of all sizes in regions that are subject to nature’s harshness. This will make your projects stand out among others.
  • Corrosion resistance: Because of the application of state-of-the-art German technology and a fine-scale barrier coating, Adukia Industries’ UltraMax TMT bars exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance. These qualities make our TMT bars the best TMT Bar in Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and other places across India.
  • Cost efficient: Our TMT Bars, in contrast to the traditional ones, conserve 15-20% of steel, demonstrating improved cost efficiency. Additionally, one UltraMax TMT bar is equal to three traditional ones because of its exceptional strength and longevity. This drives down building costs to levels that will be very helpful to you. This is quintessential for businesses and contractors who have just started out.

Adukia Industries: Helping businesses grow

For the last 50 years, Adukia Industries has been providing value to all our partners in every way possible. Having started our journey in 1971, we put a massive amount of effort into stringent quality control measures to ensure that you get the best product at the most reasonable prices. We understand you are out there to make the best architectural marvel but budget constraints can drag you down. On the other hand, you cannot compromise on quality at any cost, as your work will be your legacy.

Out UltraMax TMT bars made with the help of state-of-the-art technology maximise great yield while cutting down costs. Furthermore, these bars are recyclable, thus making them not only environmentally friendly but also increasing their longevity. This feature helps your small business from repeatedly investing in maintenance work, thereby allowing you to become more lucrative over time. Making the best TMT Bar in Assam, Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand by a long shot, we because of our great quality and value-for-money, have become one of the leading distributors in eastern India!


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