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April 2024

Where to Get Good Quality TMT Bars at Best Price in West Bengal?

Just like our body needs strong bones to live, a piece of architecture needs TMT Bars to thrive. Withstanding the pressure of many individuals walking around, elevators or holding a strong foundation need the strongly made TMT bars. In recent years, we have seen many earthquakes that can bring down buildings that are weakly constructed. Thus, from any house to a massive skyscraper, every piece of architecture needs the best TMT bar at its core. Opting for a poorly manufactured TMT bar will result in a very short life span of any constructed building which can lead to even extreme disasters! Therefore read this blog to understand why choosing our UltraMax TMT Bars is the best decision that you can make.

How Are The Best TMT Bars Made? 

The inner strength of a TMT Bar solely depends on how well it is made. The manufacturing also depends on the company that is making the TMT bar. A good company will use higher quality ingredients where as few companies might go for cheaper materials to save a few bucks. So, you must look into the company that lays out the details of its manufacturing process. Let us give a glimpse of the making process of a great TMT bar.

  • Iron Ore to Steel: Steel is produced by first converting iron ore. This may entail procedures like mining extraction, purification, and refining with a blast furnace, for example.
  • Forming the Steel: After melting, the steel is poured into billets that have a predetermined dimension.
  • Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (TMT): This is the essential process that provides the special qualities of TMT bars. After being roasted to a high temperature (between 1200 and 1250°C), the billets are quickly cooled with water. A tempering stage and atmospheric cooling come next. A softer inner core gets surrounded by a harder outer layer during this process.
  • Quenching: The structure of the steel is frozen by abrupt cooling, retaining its high-temperature characteristics.
  • Self-tempering: As heat from the core slowly escapes, some stress is released from the outer layer.
  • Atmospheric cooling: The bars are left to gradually cool down to room temperature. Thus, TMT bars have a unique strength and ductility due to the combination of heat treatment and regulated cooling.

What to Look for in a TMT Bar? 

Therefore, when you are on the lookout for the best TMT bars in West Bengal, whom should you look for? When constructing any multi-storied building, house or skyscraper, your TMT bar must possess great strength to withstand accumulated pressure for years to come. We all know that excessive heat has been increasing in West Bengal for quite some time. Therefore, a well-made TMT bar should be able to handle heat during the intensive seasons. More importantly, with summer heat we also face a massive amount of rain as well as other water-related issues that can plague any architecture. Therefore, the best TMT Bar in West Bengal has to be corrosion-resistant. Being close to the sea, protection from seismic activities should be a must for any TMT bar in West Bengal. Here are a few points that shed light on what the features of the best TMT Bar in West Bengal must look like:

  • High Tensile Strength and Ductility: TMT bars have a soft inner core and a robust outer shell, which allows them to bend readily without breaking. Because of this, they are robust enough to support large weights and flexible enough to withstand seismic activity and stress.
  • Corrosion Resistance: TMT bars have a high level of resistance to rust and corrosion, which prolongs the life of the structures they are employed in. This is particularly crucial in regions that are exposed to salt or have high humidity, such as coastal locations like West Bengal.
  • Weldability: Strong connections between bars for a seamless structural frame can be created with ease by welding TMT bars.
  • Bonding with Cement: The ribs or deformations on the surface of TMT bars facilitate the establishment of a strong bond with cement, guaranteeing that the steel and concrete function together efficiently.

Why Choosing Our TMT Bars is the Options 

1971 is the inception date of Adukia Industries and since then we have been growing in leaps and bounds throughout the years. Our mission has been to integrate modern technology into our various products including our TMT bars. We make sure that our products are advanced and provide value to the customers. Here’s us listing why the features of our UltraMax TMT bars stand out in this ever-evolving industry:

  • Strength: For safer concrete constructions, our UltraMax TMT bars are more flexible and stronger than other steel bars. Excellent ductility, elasticity, and welding characteristics are displayed by these bars. Our TMT bars are exceptionally strong and resilient to bending and rebending because of their low carbon content, offering excellent welding capabilities with less overlap.
  • Earthquake Resistance: Adukia Industries’ UltraMax TMT bars are perfect for building projects that are earthquake-resistant due to their increased strength, elongation, and ductility.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Adukia Industries’ UltraMax TMT bars have outstanding corrosion resistance and endurance because of the use of cutting-edge German technology and fine-scale coating that serves as a barrier.
  • Fire Resistance: Exhibiting high resistance to fire threats, these advanced steel bars have the capacity to withstand incredibly high temperatures. This makes the building safer and also increases its lifespan.

Adukia Industries: Making The Best TMT Bar In West Bengal 

For 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to making the best TMT bars in West Bengal. We have many generations of experience in this industry and keep on upgrading as time progresses. Having our headquarters in the heart of Kolkata, we have been one of the premier distributors of TMT bars in eastern India. Therefore, you see pretty well why we are the number one choice for the best TMT bar in West Bengal!


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