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TMT Bar Market
April 2024

Building India’s future: analyzing the surging demand driving the TMT bar market size

India’s construction industry is growing rapidly, and so is the demand for steel bars. If we go by the numbers it is expected to reach a staggering 190 million tonnes by 2030, which is 7% CAGR This surge is mostly driven by the growth in construction and infrastructure sectors which contributes to 60-65% in the overall demand of TMT bars.  If we go by the numbers according to the data published by The Hindu, India consumed 50.3 million tonnes (MT) of TMT bars in FY23 and the demand trajectory has gone up from 46MT in the previous fiscal. 

This data reflects India’s growing consumption of TMT bar for the increasing infrastructural development in the nation powered by government and independent projects. Builders have understood the enormous benefit of choosing TMT bars, which is why, be it housing complexes, flyovers, metro bridges, water towers, or dams the need for quality steel bars is ubiquitous. 

India Steel Market

What makes TMT bars irreplaceable in construction projects?

The heat treatment which is involved in the manufacturing of TMT bars equips these bars with superior strength, flexibility and durability. The exterior toughness and soft-perlite core make the bars highly flexible adding earthquake resistance as it’s a premier feature. Let’s go through some of the features of the TMT bar to understand why it is an indispensable building material. 

  • Strengthening structure with high-strength steel bars

While choosing construction material, you need to prioritise material that offers high strength. And TMT bars offer that! TMT bar from Adukia Industries undergoes rigorous testing surpassing conventional steel bars by significant margins in yield strength and tensile strength. The UltraMax TMT bars which come in Fe-550 and Fe-550 D grades make the construction capable of with standing high loads, impact, earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

  • Puts rust to rest

Corrosion has always been a threat in construction, and TMT bars combat that quite conveniently. The TMT bars of Adukia Industries have low carbon content and undergo heat treatment during manufacturing which ensures the formation of rust on the surface is minimised. This makes it a reliable construction material even in high moisture conditions.

  • It doesn’t break; it bends!

The Indian subcontinent is on the Indian tectonic plate, making most of the hilly areas, and plateau region prone to earthquake tremors, and if the construction is not strong enough it can bring down even large-storey buildings into piles of dust. For this, you must choose the best TMT bar manufacturer which manufactures highly flexible, and bendable TMT bars. Choosing Fe-550D or Fe-500D, where D represents the “ductility” ensures the TMT bar has high elongation properties, so the bar absorbs and dissipates the seismic forces, thereby minimising damage. 

Key market trends for TMT bar

  • Infrastructure development initiatives– Government initiatives which are aimed at infrastructure development such as urbanisation that involves residential, commercial and industrial sectors have fueled the demand for TMT steel bars. 
  • Increasing preference for premium quality TMT bars– TMT bars offer superior quality ductility, strength, bendability, seismic resistance, and structural stability. To ensure such performance from a TMT bar you must opt for a premium quality TMT bar.
  • Emergence of sustainable construction: The construction industry has always been associated with pollution contributors, for which it has been due for the industry to adopt more sustainable practices. The rising demand for premium TMT bars is a step towards sustainable construction practices as the corrosion-resistant TMT bar contributes to longer-lasting construction. 
  • Technological advancement: Just like other industries, the TMT bar industry is also undergoing rapid transformation with advancements in technology. Being one of the early adopters, we have integrated German Technology “Thermax” to manufacture UltraMax TMT bars.

These bars have a soft perlite core and hard exterior making them highly flexible, resistant to corrosion and high yield strength. In the future also, we will add state-of-the-art technology that paces up production and provides high-quality TMT bars. 

Market dynamics

If we delve deeper into the market insights and the dynamics, as per the data shared by MarkWide Research, the demand for TMT bars will increase. This surge can be directly attributed to the substantial investments pouring into construction and infrastructural projects by government bodies.  The utilisation of premium-grade TMT bars will be prevalent as the need for stable, corrosion resistant and flexible TMT bars will grow in the upcoming years. 

India Steel Market share

Adukia Industries delivering the growing demand of the TMT bars

Positioned as a vanguard within the TMT bar industry, Adukia Industries is attuned to the pulsating demands and challenges inherent in meeting supply requisites. With an impressive combined annual production capacity of 1 million metric tons per annum (MTPA) and an expansive production line that adheres rigorously to both national and international manufacturing standards, we pledge unwavering commitment to delivering products of impeccable quality and precise dimensional accuracy.

At the heart of our offerings lies the UltraMax TMT bar, crafted to perfection in Fe-550D grade. Renowned for its exceptional ductility, flexibility, unparalleled bondability, and weldability, this product stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Each bar undergoes rigorous quality control testing protocols before gracing the market, ensuring that we seamlessly cater to the burgeoning demand for TMT bars while upholding our unwavering commitment to quality assurance.


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