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TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata
June 2023

Uncovering Kolkata’s top TMT bar manufacturers

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.– John Ruskin

A building needs the best quality raw materials in order to be structurally strong and long-standing. Nobody wants to invest in a structure that may collapse or fall apart in a matter of time. And that’s why you must choose the best quality raw materials, TMT bars in particular.

Since TMT bars provide strength and structure to a building, there is no way you can compromise the quality. Whether it’s a residential building or an industrial structure, choosing these superior-quality TMTs ensures long-term stability. In this blog, let’s explore the journey of one of the TMT manufacturing landscapes and shed light on the frontrunners of the iron & steel industry.

Key considerations in choosing the right TMT bar manufacturer

The first determining factor in choosing a high-quality TMT bar is choosing the right manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer adheres to stringent quality control measures and offers maximum reliability. An ideal manufacturer also utilises advanced technology and high-quality raw materials, resulting in reliable and consistent products.

Hence, while looking for the best TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata, look for the ones that provide technical support, certifications, and warranties. This will not only instil confidence in the construction process but also ensure that the TMT bars perform optimally, ultimately guaranteeing the safety and longevity of the structure.

Being one of the largest producers of steel in the country, West Bengal has several eminent TMT bar manufacturers that claim to offer the best quality products. However, only a few can deliver the ultimate combination of quality and reliability.

How has Adukia Industries emerged as the leading TMT manufacturer

Adukia Industries saw its inception in the year 1971 and in the course of the next 4 decades, made its prominence known in several realms. The company launched the TMT brand UltraMax with the vision to manufacture affordable TMTs without compromising quality. Let’s check out the factors that have massively contributed to our unstoppable growth.

Enormous manufacturing capacity

With an industry presence of over 50 years, Adukia Industries have established itself as one of the pioneers in the TMT bar industry. Having started out with a vision to establish a 3 Million ton fully integrated setup, we have taken relentless steps to ensure that we cater to the requirements of the modern structure.

The management of Adukia Industries believes that we are seeing a massive demand in infrastructure and steel segment from the central and state governments; Ergo, our production capacity is likely to increase by 15-18% annually.”

Quality above everything

At Adukia Industries, we offer superior-quality TMT bars that form the foundation of strong constructions. Manufactured in high-grade modern plants using advanced German Thermex technology, we ensure the Thermo-mechanically Treated bars have exceptional strength, resistance to corrosion, and high temperatures. Our range of UltraMax TMT bars in Fe 500D and Fe 550D has 530 min N/sq mm and 570 min N/sq mm yield strength and 630 min N/sq mm tensile strength respectively. In addition, being one of the most renowned TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata, we specialise in TMT bars that can endure seismic activities and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Technological integrations

Adapting to the latest technological advancements in the TMT manufacturing journey, we have highly efficient manufacturing processes that facilitate seamless operations. Leveraging state-of-the-art plants coupled with advanced technology makes these bars have high tensile strength. Besides, the machinery used contributes to precise accuracy, dimensions, and weight.

We set up our first rolling mill in 2014 as part of forward integration and started UltraMax in 2015. Our plants are now fully-integrated plants with high-end technologies and machinery that ensure the production of quality goods,says Gyan Adukia.

Affordable TMT prices

One of the primary missions of the founders of Adukia Industries was to cater to high-quality TMT bars in an affordable price range. According to the founders, the company strives to produce the finest quality and make TMTs available for customers without any gestation time. While several hurdles have surfaced in the journey, we have taken prompt decisions to overcome them, while keeping the TMT bar prices within the affordable bracket.

Vocal for local

Being a leader among the TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata, we have always prioritised the policy of making our products with the resources available locally. Adukia Industries stands by and promotes “Vocal for Local” policies extensively at the group level. In a feature published in the Credai Magazine, the company has also stated that “We wish to increase job opportunities from 4000 to 8000.”

Stringent quality control

In an unwavering effort to maintain superior quality TMT bars for excellent construction, we have stringent quality control measures in place. Apart from the numerous tests to determine the quality of the TMT bars, we, at Adukia Industries have several widely recognised certifications to our name including the ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015.

Way forward

Kolkata is home to a number of TMT bar manufacturers with some of the top being Concast Maxx, Elegant Steel, Shyam Steel, and SRMB Steel among other notable companies. These companies have offered some of the highest-quality TMT bars to customers.

Having started as an iron & steel manufacturing company, Adukia Industries has a deep-rooted enriching family legacy. We have partnered with some of the most prominent names across the real estate industry in Kolkata including Emami, Realmark, Isha Group, PS Group, Eden Realty, Merlin Group, and Srijan Realty, among many others.

The utilisation of advanced technology and high-quality raw materials ensures the production of reliable and consistent TMT bars, accompanied by the range of products that has been taking the company the TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata. Moreover, Adukia Industries provides technical support, certifications, and warranties, instilling confidence in the construction process and guaranteeing the safety and longevity of structures.

Together with stringent quality control measures and adherence to required specifications and standards, Adukia Industries has become synonymous with the best quality TMT bars supplier in Kolkata and beyond. At Adukia Industries, we strive to engrave our footprints in the iron & steel industry by meeting the required standards and establishing a new benchmark for quality TMT bars.


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