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8mm TMT Bars | Adukia
August 2023

Balancing flexibility and structural integrity with 8mm TMT bar

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars are rebars with high tensile strength which has been replacing cold twisted bars, and mild steel bars in construction. The TMT rebars are quenched after a rolling process through a series of cold water jets that convert the surface layer of the steel bars into the hardened structure.

The hardened structure is then left to be cooled down in atmospheric conditions to lower the temperature of the core (which is still hot). This helps in tempering the core from the heat of the surface layer temperature. The tempered steel bars result in the creation of a supersaturated solution of carbon in ferrite with a body-centered tetragonal (BCT) structure, also known as a Martensite structure. Making it an integral part of construction for reinforcing concrete and bringing stability and flexibility to civil construction.

In the dynamic world of construction, every element plays a pivotal role in shaping the integrity and longevity of a structure. Among these, 8mm TMT bars stand out as a remarkable innovation, seamlessly combining flexibility and unwavering structural strength. Architects, engineers, contractors, and builders, this blog is tailored to you – to unravel the wonders of 8mm TMT bars and how they can transform the way we construct.

The flexibility of the 8mm TMT bar

Flexibility is a prized attribute in construction, and it enables architects and engineers to bring their vision into reality. 8mm TMT bars are often underestimated due to their slender profile, however these act as load-bearing bars in structures, hence they are typically used in stairways, slabs, and more. These bars can be skillfully curved and shaped without compromising on quality and their inherent strength.

1. Architectural Freedom

TMT bars define the shape of the architecture, and with flexibility, it allows architects to be imaginative, as these rebars are highly flexible and they don’t need to be confined by rigid structures. From modern designs to traditional structures, the flexibility of 8mm TMT bars allows users and architects to be creative with their spaces.

2. Sculpting structures

As an 8mm TMT bar is mostly used in interiors, these steel bars are useful in sculpting different parts of the interior and exterior. From creating arches, and meandering staircases, to integrating curved-shaped elements, an 8mm TMT bar is one you should choose.

Unyielding strength

While flexibility allows to shape of the structure in any form, strength adds stability and structural integrity to a building. 8mm bar typically weighs around 4.6- 4.7 kg per rod (Diameter X diameter X 12/162) which is around 47kg per bundle that contains 10 rods. These bars at Adukia Industries are manufactured with German Thermex Technology which creates a robust core and has the ability to withstand immense loads and stress. This means it is beneficial for regions that are prone to seismic activities, and need materials that can absorb and dissipate energy. These bars offer superior resistance to natural calamities and unfortunate events.


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Other things to keep in mind while choosing TMT bar for residential construction

TMT bar grade

While the diameter of the TMT bar is a crucial decision for construction projects, the choice of the TMT grade is important for understanding the ductility and strength of the TMT bar. TMT bar with optimum yield strength, UTS, and elongation mechanical properties, ensures it can withstand the test of time. Be it an 8mm TMT bar or a 32mm TMT bar, our state-of-the-art engineering facility boasts the benefits of earthquake resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Nature of the manufacturing process

The technological integration and process of manufacturing define the strength of a TMT bar. The strength is defined by processes such as quenching, rolling, twisting, heat treatment, and cooling of the TMT bar at different stages of manufacturing. To ensure the best quality of the TMT bar, we have a controlled manufacturing process that ends up with quality checking to ensure it meets national and international quality standards.


While purchasing TMT bars it is important to check the certification of the bars. Certification assures the product is of genuine quality and complies with the guidelines of manufacturing. Adukia Industries TMT bar complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Other than that, it also complies with ISO 14001:2015.

Understand requirements in construction

You must select a TMT bar that has bendability, flexibility, and sound structural strength. As an architect or engineer, you must define the needs and requirements before selecting the TMT bar. For instance, an 8mm TMT bar is appropriate for interior structural framework, as well as exterior framework such as roof, but only for one-storey residential complexes, while for commercial buildings it won’t be the right choice. This is why, selection based on requirements helps in appropriate investment and ensures the safety of the structure.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion can weaken the structure from the inside, and lead to significant damage, which is why in the selection process of TMT bars, you must ensure it has corrosion resistance properties. Selecting an 8mm TMT bar which has excellent corrosion resistance ensures the longevity of the structure and reduces maintenance requirements.

The convergence for paradigm shift in construction

As mentioned earlier in the blog, the 8mm TMT bar heralds a new era by balancing two integral features required in modern construction— flexibility and structural integrity. Today, with an 8mm TMT bar,  builders, architects, and engineers can create robust shapes in any structure. With an 8mm TMT bar, you can explore endless possibilities in construction.

Adukia Industries with cutting-edge technology and UltraMax TMT Bar ensures the 8mm TMT bar meets the demands of architects and builders. Our manufacturing process begins with the selection of the right raw material and finishes off with rigorous quality testing. The exceptional abilities of the TMT bar from Adukia Industries are ideal for next-generation construction.


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