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Building a House With AIC TMT Bars
March 2023

Building a house? 5 tips to keep in mind when buying TMT bars

Let’s face it, at some point, we all dream of owning our perfect home. A home is not just a property, but an emotion in which we invest our time, money, and energy to create the ideal abode for our family.

Like any healthy relationship, the secret to a safe and robust building lies in its foundation. The stronger the foundation, the more likely it will survive any disaster, be it man-made or natural. While the need for a strong foundation is established, it’s essential to know how to achieve it. The key to a sturdy foundation is TMT bars, which act like the skeleton of your house, providing structure, strength, and longevity.

While TMT bars add strength to a building and extend its life, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing them.

Check the grade of TMT bars

When buying TMT bars, it’s crucial to know which one to use. This will help in sturdier construction and reduce costs. In India, TMT bars are available in various grades, such as Fe415, Fe500, Fe550, and Fe600. Where, “Fe” stands for iron, and the figure represents the yield stress in MPa. Depending on the construction needs and the quality of the soil, the builder must choose the right grade of TMT bars.

Check for certification

TMT bars are certified by reputable organizations such as BIS or ISO, which ensures that the bars meet the required quality standards for construction. When purchasing TMT bars, it’s important to choose ones that have been certified by these reputable organizations.

Anti-corrosive strength

Corrosion can impact the structural strength of a building, which is why anti-corrosion is one of the important factors to consider when choosing TMT bars. Anti-corrosive TMT bars are particularly preferable for flood-prone areas, where the moisture content in the air is high. TMT bars are coated with anti-corrosive material that protects the bars from rusting.

Check for uniformity

Ensure that TMT bars have a uniform surface with no cracks, dents, or deformities. Also, consider the weight of each TMT bar is consistent, as uneven weight distribution can lead to uneven load distribution in the structure.

Check the brand

It’s wise to buy TMT bars from reputable and established brands. Look for brand certificates and their manufacturing & testing facilities. Reputable brands are likely to have better control processes and adhere to strict quality standards.


In conclusion, buying TMT bars involves close consideration of the various factors mentioned here. By following these tips, you can ensure that TMT bars you choose are of high quality, meet the required standards, and are suitable for your specific construction needs.

One of the leading TMT bar manufacturing companies in India is Adukia Industries, with a high-tech manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art machinery, we offer TMT bars that are the best in quality, being highly durable and malleable at the same time.


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