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Cost of TMT Bar | UltraMax TMT bar | Adukia Industries
May 2023

5 factors that impact the cost of TMT bars

Wondering why sometimes TMT bars of the same grade are priced differently? You have a valid doubt. Widely used in construction, TMT bars are perhaps one of the major investments you make. But why do some manufacturers have low-priced bars and some do not?

The cost of TMT bars depends on several factors. As manufacturers, we at Adukia Industries, want to provide you with the best quality TMT bars at competitive price brackets. We offer our range of UltraMax TMT bar in Fe-500D and Fe-550D which are strong, reliable, and extremely durable. In this blog, we discuss the factors that affect the pricing of TMT bars.

1. Cost of raw materials

Perhaps one of the most significant factors that affect the pricing of TMT bars, are the raw materials. With the primary raw material being steel, TMT bars also comprise coal and limestone. Hence, the pricing can vary depending on the procurement. Depending on the supply and demand, production costs, transportation costs, and other government or local authoritative body regulations, manufacturers calculate the cost. Additionally, it is also the quality of raw materials that we choose that makes a difference in pricing.

2. Manufacturing process

Modern TMT bars are made using cutting-edge technology. The manufacturing process is another critical factor that affects the cost of TMT bars. TMT bars stand for ‘Thermo Mechanically Treated’ which involves several processes including heating, rolling, quenching, and tempering. While every manufacturing company has its own plant, at Adukia Industries, we use advanced German Thermax technology to manufacture the UltraMax TMT bars. Hence, the cost of the production stage(s) can vary based on the type of equipment used, apart from the level of automation, and the energy source used.

3. Quality control measures

TMT bars form the foundation of any construction, which makes it crucial for you to choose bars that are tested and checked in terms of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Manufacturers conduct quality control measures such as tensile testing, chemical analysis, and yield stress testing among others, for quality assurance. Hence, these quality control measures used during the manufacturing process can also impact the final cost of TMT bars.

4. Market demand and supply

Like every other commodity or industry, TMT bar prices can fluctuate depending on the market situation. This means, when the demand is high, you will pay slightly higher prices for TMT bars. Similarly, if there is an oversupply of the bars, that may be a good time to buy the TMT bars at a lesser price bracket. So, what exactly influences the market? Well, it can be factors such as the level of construction in an area, government policies, and related economic conditions.

5. Brand and quality

Here, we answer the question that was raised at the very beginning of the blog. The brand and quality of TMT bars can largely impact the price. A reputable brand comes with the seal of quality assurance, authenticity, and reliability. With an industry presence of over 50 years, Adukia Industries have built a reputation for offering superior quality TMT bars that have high tensile strength, resistant to heat and corrosion, and are ideal for usage in seismic areas. This way, we contribute to the structural integrity of the construction projects they are used in.


Apart from these, the transportation (including distance and accessibility), and logistics costs associated with TMT bars also impact the final price. Being one of the pioneers in the Iron & Steel industry, Adukia Industries manufacture high-quality TMT bars. Our range of UltraMax TMT bar is available in Fe-500D and Fe-550D varieties, which are exceptionally strong, have high ductility, and withstands bending and re-bending, making them a robust choice for modern-day projects.


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