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UltraMax TMT Bars for MSMEs
June 2024

UltraMax TMT Bars: A Break Through For MSMEs

The dynamism of construction is entirely dependent on the building material in use. It is the sole driving factor that determines not the cost of construction, the success rate of key projects and more importantly the fate of enterprises. For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the building material they use is even more important than other large players in the business. This is precisely where a premium construction ingredient like the UltraMax TMT Bar becomes so much more relevant. A trustworthy and top-quality steel bar not only assures the success of the building projects for these up-and-coming enterprises but also helps them cut down on their savings majorly in the long run. Besides, a business that provides top-quality construction work is sure to build up a reputation faster than others in this competitive market, thus, attracting more clients and visitors for themselves.

Now, let’s delve into what exactly UltraMax TMT Bars are, and why they are now the established go-to reinforcement steel bar unequivocally for all micro small and medium-sized businesses. Manufacturing advanced iron and steel products for decades and delivering them to all parts of India, Adukia Industries uses state-of-the-art Thermax technology to manufacture highly flexible and strong Ultramax TMT steel bars. With more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the industry, these modern reinforcement steel bars produced by us are now the benchmark for corrosion resistance, low carbon footprint, high tensile strength, ductility, weldability and durability in the entire country.

 How Can MSMEs Benefit From Using The UltraMax TMT Bar?

Now, let’s dive deep into the points that make MSMEs choose UltraMax TMT bars over other materials that are up for grabs amongst stakeholders in construction. Here are its benefits for the majority number of enterprises operating in the building construction world:

Improved Structural Integrity:

Structural integrity is supremely important for any project but even more so for MSMEs. Unlike big companies, MSMEs do not have credit in the bank. Therefore a lot more is at stake for them when it comes to handling a project. The robustness supplied by these advanced steel bars in construction projects with heavy loads makes them emerge as the most reliable material for all big industrial, commercial and residential projects. Used for making huge skyscrapers, dams, bridges, flyovers etc, they ensure the elimination of repairs, renovations and wear and tear.

Improved Rate of Success In Construction Projects:

The high ductility and weldability of these steel bars allow for easy and flexible construction. This allows for fluent bending and shaping, thereby allowing workers to be adaptable in the construction process. Not only does this increase the scope of building better and more innovative structures but also ensures more profitability.

Cost Effective:

Because of their high durability, the UltraMax TMT bar ensures less money spent on maintenance procedures. For enterprises that are not established, this gives them the option from before to not continuously harbour capital for renovation. Thus, they are able to allocate resources efficiently and more wisely from the point of commencement of projects. Less maintenance doesn’t just imply cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness but also better focus on more important aspects such as operational costs, building planning, and building design from the very beginning.

Compliance With All National & International Standards:

MSMEs will only become trustworthy and relevant in front of their customers if they comply with certifications and standards that are provided by national and international institutions. These certifications are all given to the building material in use after thorough scientific testing. The UltraMax TMT Bar is known for its compliance with every single national and international norm, thereby helping MSMEs garner attention and produce trust.


Reliability is everything in construction; safety is the first priority in this industry for everyone. Quality is the only guarantor of reliability, thus, prompting companies to use materials with a proven track record in terms of success in quality and durability. That is why opting for Ultramax TMT Bars is crucial for building goodwill. If you don’t focus on building up your image, your business can’t compete in this market.

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Adukia Industries: Your #1 Trusted Partner

With distributorship spread all over India and a commitment to environmental sustainability and quality, our products are a reliable choice for all. Always catering to the growing demand through the introduction of top-tier building materials such as the UltraMax TMT Bar, we help MSMEs thrive with an unmatched supply of quality and cost-effectiveness. Consistently pushing the definitions and barriers in the construction world, our aim for the last 50 years has remained firm on providing the most cutting-edge modern, eco-sensitive and trustworthy products- that by protecting you from natural forces like rust, corrosion and earthquakes, ensure safety and reliability for generations and decades to come.


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